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How to tell if you should hang curtains or a blind in your home.

Having great window covering adds form to a space. They are the key component of a room design in terms of style, texture, color and the amount of light let into your room.

So we all know there are tons of curtains and blinds to choose from, but do you know if you should hang curtains or a blind? Let's dive into it before you consider what is best for your home.

To help you solve this mystery, we have done our homework and have worked with many clients to have figured it all out.

Curtains and/or Drapes: Yes they are different. We can get into that another time.

You can mount a curtain right above your window, normally 3 inches from the ceiling and the rod should be mounted at least 2" on each side of the trim. You can hang 1 curtain on one side of your window or of course have a pair. Curtains balance a room, they can bring height and draw your eye up.

Blinds need to be mounted. There are inside and outside mount blinds. This all depends on the style window you have. If you choose to hang a curtain and a blind, the blind will be mounted on the inside of the window. Hanging and measuring blinds can be quite the task, however, they can transform a room from cool to warm.

Blinds give you an opportunity to control how much natural light comes into a room. You can tinker with them to adjust the natural brightness, and as a whole they do give more privacy.

Our final thought: If you want to try and make an aesthetic statement, curtains are our

#1 must. A room has no vibe if not finished with a window treatment. They are great for sound absorption. Curtains are also great for dressing a large window or door. We do want to say blinds and curtains or drapes do pair well together. When paired together, they create a beautifully layered look. We do not suggest to pair print on print. By keeping your curtains solid, you can bring in a print for your blind, or vise versa.

By choosing the right combination ~ can change the look and feel dramatically of your home! We often get asked "can I pair them together", the answer is "yes" the two ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control.

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