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What is your decorating style?

I'm going to admit it, styling your home isn't easy. It may come easy for some, but let's face it, the majority is out and most of us have no clue.

Let me help you find the inner designer in you!

Do you love casual, easy finishes and a rustic feel? Farmhouse might be the style for you — effortlessly blending reclaimed materials and cozy textures while striking a balance between old and new. If you want a more classic, cohesive look with matching furniture and floral prints then you may lean more Traditional. Or perhaps you like clean lines, a neutral palette, and geometric patterns for a sleek Modern vibe. Don’t confuse it with Contemporary style which refers to the here and now embodied by cool hues and cutting edge shapes. Whereas Industrial style, rooted in influences from old warehouses and open lofts, focuses on raw, mixed metals and unpolished materials. Or maybe you’re all about high gloss 70’s Glam and want lots of textures such as velvet, brass and faux fur. From Coastal to Bohemian, having an understanding of your own design style will help guide you as we work together to create a space you’ll love.

There are many interior design quizes you can take online to help you discover your dream design style.

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