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Interior design trends you'll fall in love with

Updated: May 30, 2020

We all need a time in our lives when we need a change and that perfect moment to update your home. As the saying goes, "out with old, in with the new". Its that time when you know you need to paint that wall with a new color and refresh the focal point in your home with your favorite kitchen ideas or just to add a new piece of furniture or art to your wall gallery. Below are some trends your may fall in love with...

Pantone Color is the new 2020 color of the year. This classic blue (a navy shade), it is a totally versatile and sophisticated color.

High-contrast designs are in trend now. The word contrast simply means "difference" . They add visual interest and spice things up. Choosing these colors are a bold move no doubt. However, they make a statement. Below are examples of high contrast colors.

The Non-White Kitchen can go beyond just all white. Choose natural wood or paint the wall cabinet, or base cabinet a different color. Some may chose to have the focal point which could be the kitchen island different. Whatever you taste my be, having a non-white kitchen can bring bright and an airy vibe without having the all white everything.

Countryside Chic always leans towards a more sophisticated European inspired look. This is actually my style. Nothing says, come into my home like Countryside Chic. This trend screams mixing patterns, antique with a vibe, primary tones and botanicals. Colors are neutral, their warm with saturated hues.

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