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Who Would of Thought......

Updated: May 30, 2020

Becoming a designer / decorator isn't easy for some. Some may find there niche' at an early age and others may find it later in life. When I moved into my home just about 21 years ago, it was a disaster. My husband bought it at a young age of 21 and it needed a lot of work. There were pink and blue rugs, an orange kitchen floor and I thought to myself "oh god, this is not my style". I can honestly say, I have remodeled each room in this house at least twice. Each time learning as I went. Even after when I painted a room I just knew I chose the wrong color.

It has always been a passion of mine to design/decorate. I use to "binge" watch HGTV, while rocking my son in a chair. I would envy those designers and love each one of them because they all had their own unique style, flare & pizazz. I'd say, I can do that. So slowly I started refurbishing some of the old furniture we had and while doing it I found that I really enjoyed it and seeing the end results. I am proud of my accomplishments today after remodeling my home because I took a piece out of watching all those HGTV shows and incorporated that into my own.

Soul Sister Designs brings comfort, style & flare to you. We listen to our clients because after all, this is your space, your oasis, your comfort. We are budget friendly because we know making your own space and making it beautiful doesn't need to cost a lot of money.

No room is too big or small to tackle. We bring all elements to you and help bring out your inspiration.

The Soul Sister

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