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Budget Friendly Home Renovations for 2021

When you say "home renovation" many people think "too expensive." But revamping your home doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Here are some great idea to upgrade your home renovation on a budget.


Cabinets, countertops & fixtures can add up to a big digit kitchen renovation. If you have cabinets that are in decent shape, you can add a new countertop either to an island and/or around the cabinets. When working with a smaller area to cover, the lower the cost. Which helps you afford more affordable material(s). You can always opt and go with the seconds or remnants from your local home improvement store.

Adding backsplash or switching it out for a newer look with a pattern or color is a great way to freshen up this area. There are many choices in the market from glass, ceramic, tile and stone. Or just add a backsplash behind the range or sink is a great way to save money.


Today there are so many options for flooring. This will not break the bank. One option is the peel and stick flooring. It is thin enough that you do not have to remove the existing floor.

More home owners are opting for laminate flooring. It is a great way to upgrade with style and with easy installation. It is simple to maintain and today most home improvement stores sell styles that look like real wood and real tile, it is almost impossible to know the difference.

Vinyl plank flooring may sound expensive but is a budget friendly way to upgrade your flooring. This style of flooring will give you that upscale look for less than $1.50 a square foot. You may want to opt for the glue down install since the click & lock will cost a little more.


Adding a medicine cabinet can bring both style and storage for a simple budget friendly change. Either buy an updated style or replace the wall mirror to gain the storage. If you have a small bathroom, recessing the cabinet into the wall doesn't only save you the space it looks great also.

Swapping out hardware can make all the difference. Chose long pull for the drawers and small knobs for the doors. You can mix it up with different finishes for an eclectic look. This is one great inexpensive way to update your bathroom from your local home store to purchasing online.


Give an architectural interest with trim to a wall or ceiling. Adding the illusion of wainscoting by connecting trim or lumber to an area, then painting it to bring it all together can imitate the real deal. It looks high end, with a small budget cost. Paint the lower 1/2 of the wall a different color than the top 1/2.

Also by choosing pre-finished wood cuts down on time, but to save you more money, you can do the finish yourself.

Try inset display shelves from wall-to-wall. This can be a simple home renovation with a budget friendly cost. When adding shelves, this will help you store all that stuff up off the floor from the kids toys to those extra blankets. It also can be a simple transition from toys to a book collection and more.

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