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Budget-Friendly Stay-cation Backyard Ideas

We are resilient and able to prosper despite the challenges we are currently facing and below we have compiled budget friendly ideas to turn your backyard into a Stay-cation Resort.

Build a Fire Pit

Channel your childhood campfire days with a DIY fire pit that is perfect for winding down your evening, roasting marshmallow and enjoying the nice weather. Using blocks or stone to make a circular pit dug into the ground will light up your yard and give just the right ambience of being away on a vacation. To see instructions on how to build your own fire pit check out Copy & Paste

Update your outdoor pillow cases

If you can sew, than your one of the lucky ones. I've never been one to sew however, I have found many websites that offer pillow covers at a very budget friendly price and they are a great investment with little to no cost. Check out there pillow covers found on Amazon. Copy & Paste

Go Backyard Camping

Let's face it kids love to camp, so why not excite them with backyard camping. Creating nights at home that kids will always remember. When camping in the backyard gives the appreciation for nature. Make sure you plan ahead and make a checklist to make sure there are no distraction from running back & forth to grab this and that. Oh and don't forget the Pets!

DIY Swimming Pool

Hiring a professional pool company can be costly. Buy a DIY swimming pool can be easier and more cost effective. Who doesn't like to cool down on those hot summer days. There are many awesome easy to construct DIY swimming pools to create that stay-cation back yard. Click here to see some great backyard pool ideas. Copy and Paste

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