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Creative Fall Decor Ideas

Make a piece from faux greenery: This one can be a staple year round. Incorporating a faux Olive Tree can be used year round. Just think, a pop of RED, as in a runner on your table or displaying them in a red vase switches it up from Fall to Winter.

Use scarves: Who doesn't have at least one scarf that sits in their closet and is never used. Here is an inspiration idea, display it in your decor. Drape it a rustic tray, with pumpkins and a white vase. This is an easy fall coffee table decor.

Cut Branches: I love to bring a natural feel to my decor. You can purchase artificial ones from the store, however just go in your backyard and get them for FREE. You can paint them any color that you desire. Display them on your table with candles, simply put them in a tin vase or drape them over your hutch. Can't get any better than displaying your decor at no cost!

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