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Must Have Home Decor

Pillows punch up the elegant factor, they are cozy, they bring extra comfort to a couch and they bring a layered feeling to your room. Overstuffed pillow bring a elegant, plush appearance and down filled is the best way to go! There are many home stores to find just what your looking for. My top favorite are Home Goods and Marshall's.

Window Treatments

Great news....fortunately window treatments are one of the most budget friendly home decors. They bring style and elegance to a room. Make smart choices when choosing. Its recommended not to go with see thru materials, rather go with silk, cotton or linen. Many stores offer elegant drapery without hurting the wallet. If drapery is not your thing try bamboo shades or wooden blinds.

Detail can make an amazing difference. Something as simple as replacing hardware or accessories can give a room a whole new feel for short money.

Change Cabinet Pulls can give your kitchen or bathroom a dramatically different mood – it is lot cheaper and easier than replacing the whole cabinet vanity or doors. Many home stores offer a variety of pulls and handles in every style you can imagine – Most range for $1 to $5.

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