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Steps to organize your closet like a pro

1. First Step to organizing a closet is to start with a clean slate and empty your closet out. Once everything is out, it is easy to vacuum, dust & throw some paint on the walls. At this time, your room is most likely looking like a department store fitting room, it is time to get rid of things that haven't been worn for a year! I know, that is hard to do, but I bet you didn't even know your had that shirt or pant!

2. Each season it is time to store away those seasonal pieces. Depending on your space situation, bringing in storage boxes are great options. I like clear storage because it allows you to see what is inside. They can fit under your bed or stack in your closet. If that does not work for you, the next best thing is to organize your closet by season.

3. Use matching hangers. Don't overlook hangers, they are an important piece of your closet. Using matching hangers doesn't only allow you to easily find items, but it does eliminate bulking inefficient hangers. Your clothes are also hung at the same height & width. Now your garments won't be lost behind others.

4. Space savers are your best friend. There are many options. You can use hanging racks, cubbies & shelves. But when it comes down to organizing your closet like a pro, you need to get creative and use up that wasted space. Also, utilize your closet door by using shoe hangers to maximize your closet.

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