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Vintage vs. Antique Interior Design

Do you know what the #1 google search for home interior decorating was in 2020?

It was Vintage Interior Design. Would you have thought that? So what is vintage interior design you ask? Well it is a combination of old fashioned and elegant. It is the use of old or artificially aged furniture and decor. It welcomes natural wood and materials. The design should appear as if it was designed several decades ago.

So if Antique or Vintage is your vibe, read below on the how to incorporate this eclectic design into your home.

Now vintage items are not as old as antiques. Vintage is far more subjective. The word vintage means "of age". Most antique dealers will consider an item to be vintage if it

is at least 40 years old. So by the date of this posting the item would be made in the 1980s. Wow that makes me feel old! Vintage style uses items from the past to create that warm, nostalgic look and it is now combined with more modern items that are fresh, but yet full of history.

Most of us would consider antique and vintage to be the same, when in fact they are different and what makes them different is the items age. Antiques are items which must be at least 100 years old, so by the date of this posting, the antique item was made on or before December 26, 1920.

Vintage style adds character to your home. These rustic "Vintage Storage" buckets will add that rustic farmhouse flair to any space. It can be a functional storage solution in your kitchen or a decorative item. How to use these are completely up to you.

Here are the best 10 places to buy vintage and antique online:





One Kings Lane


1st dibs


Everything but the house (

Revival Rugs

This Antiqued two-tone sofa table blends a chipped white with a distressed wood finished top for added charm. Classic cabriole legs and shapely lower shelf are a lovely twist. Decorative corbels add refinement. I love the look of this rustic vase with this table.

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